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Seville, Spain at Spanish Square (Plaza de Espa–a).
Panorama of Spanish Square (Plaza de Espana) in Sevilla in a beautiful summer day, Spain

Seville is Spain’s third urban tourist destination, and is ideal for holding events and for individual tourism, for those who seek the pleasures of culture, but also for visitors at conferences, conven-tions and incentive trips, thanks to the city’s modern infrastructure and excellent communications.

Visitors from the world over choose the city every year, attracted by the fame of its excellent wea-ther, its delicious gastronomy, the hospitality of the people and the chance to delight in one of the most beautiful, surprising cities in the world.

Located in the south-west of the Iberian Peninsula, Seville has undergone great changes in recent years, the result of the endeavours of a dynamic, modern society, where the quality of the services and the incorporation of technological innovation show it to be the leading tourist pro-duct in the south of Europe.

The city and province of Seville have a popu-lation of 1,917,097*, of whom 704,198* live in the capital. This makes it the fourth lar-gest city in Spain and the leading city in Andalusia, of which it is also the capital.

There is a Roman Seville, as well as others, a Muslim, Jewish and a Christian Seville. In them can be seen all of the different artistic periods of the Western world: we find a Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical Seville, combined with local styles, such as Regionalism, and other universal styles, embracing the avant-garde in a sustained dialectic between tradition and modernity. Meanwhile, the popular bustle continues in the city districts, living harmoniously side-by-side with advanced professional and commercial activities.

Seville is the historical point of contact between Europe, America and North Africa, a situation that has been favoured by its access to the Atlantic Ocean via the River Guadalquivir and by its geographical location in the extreme south of Europe, thanks to which it enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild average annual temperaturas


The Mediterranean and southern lifestyle is best expressed through the culture of tapas. How and where to eat them is an art that can be incorporated into workshops to learn how to prepare them. We have designed a tapas route through the centre of Seville, with many variations as regards the specialities and the places to visit, as the ideal complement to a hard day’s work. There are also gastronomy workshops run by expert chefs in res-taurants or singular venues. Sevilla Card Tapas offers a made-to-measure service.

The gastronomy of Seville is one of the best and most extensive existing in our country. To enjoy the famous tapas in town, the hotels in the center of Seville are located a few steps from the best restaurants and bars, please consult our rates and promotions Below, we offer a list to enjoy one of the most popular customs of Seville go out of  tapas. You will enjoy Seville, its environment, its gastronomy and its good weather to wander and make some stops to taste the exquisite tapas in the bars and restaurants of the city center.



With an annual average of 19.2 °C (67 °F), Seville is the warmest city in Continental Europe.

The average sunshine hours in Seville are approximately 3000 per year. Snowfall is virtually unknown, and the last important snowfall occurred in 1954. Seville had to wait until 10 January 2010 to see snowflakes again falling on the city, the only snowfall during the 21st century to date, though it was quite significant in the immediate surrounding villages and suburbs.