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The 11th international conference on plasma nanoscience will continue the main themes of the conference series, from the fundamental science to applications of low-temperature plasmas, ion beams, lasers, and related approaches and its relation to the fabrication, synthesis, modification, and integration of nanoscale materials, structures, and functional devices. The conference also welcomes talks on how plasmas interact at the nanoscale and outstanding applications of plasmas in energy, environment and life sciences.

  • Fabrication of inorganic nanomaterials and nanostructures using vacuum or atmospheric plasmas or ion beams and control of their functionality and surface properties
  • Fabrication of organic nanomaterials and nanostructures and control of their functionality (materials include (but are not limited to): graphene, carbon, polymers, or other organic materials (e.g., biomaterials)
  • New plasma processes in vacuum or atmospheric pressure for nanoscale fabrication, green nanofabrication, improvement of industrial processes, sustainable lifecycles of natural resources
  • Applications of plasma nanotechnology in the life sciences and chemistry including: diagnostics / monitoring (integration in sensors, biosensors, lab-on-chip, MEMS, etc.)
  • Plasma nanocatalysis
  • Applications of plasma nanotechnology in photonics and plasmonics
  • Applications of plasma nanotechnology in energy and energy harvesting devices
  • Plasmas at new spatiotemporal scales: micro and nanoplasmas, nanosecond pulsing, nanoplasmas generated by ultrafast intense radiation
  • Modeling and diagnostics of plasmas during nanomaterial growth or etching
  • Plasmas formed at the surface of or inside liquids
  • Entrepreneurial efforts in plasma nanotechnology (e.g. new spin-off companies and products)
  • New vacuum or atmospheric plasma sources for plasma nanotechnology
  • Plasma diagnostics and material characterisation


The meeting will include leading scientists and researchers in plasma science and engineering from around the globe. The symposium will be a Gordon-style meeting, with the total number of participants strictly limited to 70.


Previous Conferences

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  • iPlasmaNano-VIII 2017, Antwerp, Belgium
  • iPlasmaNano-VII 2016, Vravrona, Greece
  • iPlasmaNano-VI 2015, China
  • iPlasmaNano-V 2014, Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain
  • iPlasmaNano-IV 2013, Asilomar, California, USA
  • iPlasmaNano-III 2012, Singapore
  • iPlasmaNano-II 2010, Australia
  • iPlasmaNano-I 2009, Piran, Slovenia